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Darya is a painter and a photographer. Her preferred mediums are oil paint and graphite but some of you may know her as “the hand“, handling tiny little masterpieces in the photos she takes for Beacon’s Tiniest Gallery. The miniature gallery is a project she helped start with her friends when the isolation of the pandemic took over and they craved connection to their community. When she’s not painting or documenting the gallery’s newest acquisition, she photographs life-size humans at a studio she manages in NYC. Born in the Ukraine; raised in Brooklyn; graduated from SVA. Darya says Beacon, "feels like home".

Find her on Instagram: @daryasaur




Chris Ams is a multi-disciplinary illustrator, creator, and visual storyteller. He was born and raised in Michigan, and has made a home here in Beacon with his dog, Cosmo, and husband, Will.


His preferred mediums are graphite and acrylics, but he loves to cross boundaries and genres through the use of both traditional and digital techniques. Regardless of the tools used, he always feels the most at home when exploring, making things, and breathing life into ideas in ways that excite and inspire.

Find him on Instagram: @chrisamsart




Evan is an artist and educator who moved to Beacon from Long Island in 2015. His preferred medium is oil paint with experience in woodworking, sculpture and pottery. When he’s not painting or enjoying nature Evan works as a Physical Education/Health and life skills teacher at a therapeutic day school. He’s grateful for the opportunity to connect with his students as a balance to the intrinsic exploration which accompanies his nightly painting sessions.Find him on Instagram: @ulfy


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