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SOLO SHOW Opportunity @ Super Secret Projects Gallery

Beacon Open Studios (BOS) exists to support local artists, by promoting their work and providing them with unique access to galleries and venues, giving their work a wider audience. 

BOS has partnered with Super Secret Projects (SSP) Collective to grant a solo show to one local artist. BOS submitted a proposal and was awarded use of one open month (February) at SSP Gallery. BOS will be paying a location fee, to give the month to a deserving local artist.

"Super Secret Projects' primary mission is to empower dedicated emerging and mid-career artists by creating a nurturing environment that facilitates experimentation, learning, sharing, and collaboration through engaging exhibitions and installations. We firmly believe in the transformative power of art and strive to make it more inclusive and accessible within the Beacon community and beyond. Guided by co-directors Diana Vidal and Allegra Jordan, both passionate advocates of art, our collective is driven by a shared commitment to enriching the local artistic landscape."  

This is an amazing opportunity for an artist with a ready, body of work that they have been looking to share. As this open month does not come with plenty of time to prepare, we recommend applying with an existing body of work.


SSP Gallery is located behind Hyperbole at 484 Main Street, Beacon NY, and is open to visitors 7 days a week,11am-6pm.

Important information: 

  • Show opens February 10th and runs through March 2nd.

  • Applications close January 1st.

  • $15 application processing fees are non-refundable.

  • Application fee is waived for BeaconArts members with code.

  • If you cannot afford to apply, please reach out to BOS for assistance. 

  • The SOLO SHOW recipient will be voted on by Beacon Open Studios team members and the Super Secret Projects Collective. 

  • SOLO SHOW recipient will be notified and announced by January 13th. 

  • Applicants will not be given a membership at SSP with application. 

  • The ideal candidtate has enough existing work to fill the gallery and will not be creating all new work for the show.

  • Extensions for process or installation will not be possible. 

  • The gallery will keep 25% of the sale, should any work sell.

  • The application is open to all types of art but please keep in mind gallery size limitations. Permament manipulations of the walls and gallery space will not be possible. 

  • Contact Darya at with questions! 

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